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The 7th chapter in of Studio Gear's obake (spirit) battle action DNV.

It's midsummer 2011. A synthetic human girl named Relic lives in Fujimi with her master Eya.
When Eya one day runs off, Relic goes in search.

In her travels she meets a "Seeker" named Beck who reveals a dormant "value" inside Relic.

Introduced to the "Nameless" and "Headless", Relic is overtaken by another personality... named Selvie.

Selvie is awake now, and is dedicated purely to mayhem. She goes on a rampage against Beck, Headless,
and even her own self, Relic who wants to rescue her master.

Relic has to stop the enemy within.

Ghosts of August -The Curious Midsummer Case 1 of 6- Ch. 7

"I'm not afraid of you! I'M NOT AFRAID! Nothing can scare me now!!!"

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