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Release Jan/18/2014
Series Yumekizu
Age Ratings
Work Format
GameDigital Novel / Light Young Adult Romance Fantasy Novel for the Experienced Heart
File Format


"To dream is to go beyond acceptable limits, isn't that true?"

Keiichi and Tsutsuyami collided in a blaze of fire. Seika escaped by a hair's breadth and was taken to the house of Kagami, where in Sakuya and Hinata she learned the value of meeting friends.

Meanwhile, himself saved by Genichiro and his superior, Keiichi learned that Tsutsuyami was still alive, and vowed to settle him once and for all.

Tensions rose at the house of Kagami. Risako passed down orders to everyone that the enemy's ambitions, secretly orchestrated by Katagiri, must be hindered.

A helpless, isolated young girl prays for strength---

A man in the pits of despair is slave to his insatiable desire---

Two intertwining forces of yin and yang--- What lies beneath, the true intentions of mastermind Nami---

Brilliant lightning rips across dark skies--- The dream illuminated, propelling a lone young girl toward her future!

Enjoy the mystery and fantasy of Yumekizu #4:
"Children grow through seeing the backs of their parents (Part 2)"

Playtime: 2-3 hours

Operational Requirements

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File / Size
RJ126442.zip / 652.92MB (684635218Byte)
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