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Release Dec/03/2013
Series Original
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-Dire things lurk in the shadows of our modern world-
-Each night, a juku student risks life and limb-
-To slay the demons of the dark.-

Michio walked down an unlit street.
Something moved behind him.
A grotesque thing that had no business existing in this or any world.
The horror's great maw opened.
He prepared for death.
Just then, a girl young girl appeared from nowhere, moonlight glinting off her sickle.
"Quit gawking! Run!"
She swung the blade, and with her other hand grabbed Michio's hand and fled.

"What the hell was that!?"
He didn't understand.
They arrived at Michio's house and took shelter. He tried to coax an explanation
from her, but her replies made no sense.
He sank into the bathtub. She suddenly climbed in with him.
She had something between her legs.
"...You've got a... nose... down there."
"What else should I have?" she spat with contempt.
"I'm a boy. It's normal."

Nothing about tonight was normal to Michio.

31 pages / bonus 3 pages

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RJ125603.zip / 37MB (38801263Byte)
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