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"Yesterday, indecisive reason was left behind."

An album of self-covers for our own indie game BGM songs, featuring guitarist Keisuke Sasai + guest vocalists NAKI from Secret Music House and Fumi Sakima from Uchinaki Record.

01:Resonating Colors
(Shibunken "Finis Junction" / monochrome monaural "Labyrinthe de Terre" BGM)
03:Fragment of the Dear
(monochrome monaural "Labyrinthe de Terre" BGM)
04:Fight to Defend it
(Shibunken "Finis Junction" BGM)
05:Warning Alert
(Shibunken "Ore to Kitsune no Natsuyasumi" BGM
(monochrome monaural "Labyrinthe de Terre" BGM)
07:Display Your Resolve
(Shibunken "Finis Junction" BGM)
08:The End of a Deep Dolor
(Shibunken "Finis Junction" BGM)
09:Part Ways
(Shibunken "Finis Junction" BGM)

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