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Release Aug/12/2013
Series Yumekizu
Age Ratings
Work Format
Digital Novel
 / Light Young Adult Romance Fantasy Novel for the Experienced Heart
File Format
EventComic Market 84
File Size
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"Do you know the saying, like parent, like child?"

The Kozuki siblings try to reach out to a young girl who is going astray. But just when they do, news arrives that Amatera failed.

Risako and Yae entrust Keiichi to find the precious daughter of the Onodera family, Seika. She's the one they want to save.

A goddess who yearns to share the vast, open world---

A veteran who can show her the hope beyond these desperate times---

A terrible destiny for a father and daughter, binded by blood---

Keiichi stands in the ravine between parent and child, but in the end whose values will she learn---?

Enjoy the mystery and fantasy of Yumekizu #3:
"Children grow through seeing the backs of their parents (Part 1)"

Playtime: about 2 hours

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