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Release :  Jun/14/2013
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Do you feel lonely falling asleep?
Akari-sensei is like your mommy, and Honoka-sensei is like your big sister.
They each lay down with you to comfort you.

01. Akari-sensei's soft warm sleep (15 min 44 sec)
"Do you like my breasts?
Don't feel ashamed. Everyone loves them.
You can touch them. They smell good, too.
I can make you feel as good as when
you were a baby... little by little we'll
drift to sleep together."

02. Honoka-sensei's lie down kisses (15 min 21 sec)
"I love your cheeks, I could eat you up.
Can I eat you up? Nom nom nom. Hee hee!
Let me tap your back. Little rhythms
to help you relax. Listen to my voice.
Tap... tap... Close your eyes...
Fall asleep to Honoka's kisses and touches."

03. Honoka-sensei's wake up voice (4 min 09 sec)

Bonus tracks 04. 05. with looping sleep sounds

Ari Sakura http://chuchuvoice.xxxxxxxx.jp/
Rei Tsukimiya http://www.tukinomiya.halfmoon.jp/

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