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Release Jun/01/2013
Age Ratings
Work Format
GameDigital Novel / Messed Up DL Mascot Digital Novel
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Premium-chan has a sloppy sake-drunk mess of a day off.

What do Dille-chan and Elle-chan do on their day off......?
Why, they wake up early, do the cleaning and laundry, and take an elegant stroll!
Thoroughly ladylike and stuff......

That's what Premium-chan arbitrarily believes......

And yet she blows her own holiday in a dirty house, drunk from noon onward from whatever liquor's around.

All by herself......

So pitiful. What a wreck.
But so cute too......

That's more or less the feel of this digital novel.

There are some cooking scenes too, but since it's Premium-chan we have no reference for how it'll turn out.
Don't get your hopes up.

Premium-chan would be so pissed if she knew we were talking about her like this.
But angry Premium is like sloppy drunk Premium. Kawaaaaaii.

Hehehe! :D

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RJ111909.zip / 94.78MB (99381696Byte)
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