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Release :  Mar/10/2013
Last Modified :  Aug/30/2015 
Series :  The House in Fatamorgana
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WindowsVista / Windows7 / Windows8
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Event : Comic Market 83
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"Without doubt, he who inhabits that house will be full of sorrow."

The "you" who awakens in the cursed manor has parted with yourself.
Your memories mislead, you know not if you are alive.
This "you" is the master of the manor, says woman of yearning.
With her as your guide, you shall witness generations of tragedy.

Why does this place continue to exist.
Why are "you" here.
To know all, you open the door.

This is a tale of karma, of despair, and of madness.


Music: 65 tracks (35 with lyrics)
Artworks: 45 illustrations (+ 57 variations)
Endings: 8 (+ 5 dead ends)
Game Type: Visual Novel ADV for Windows
Genre: Suspense horror / in a western house of tragedy and despair

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RJ111899.zip / 364.17MB (381856062Byte)
Pentium class or greater
128MB or greater
1GB or greater
800x600 display or greater
9 or greater
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