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Circle  :  Trefle
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Release :  Jan/28/2013
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Doujin GameAdventure / Memories from the Homestay ADV
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WindowsVista / Windows7
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Event : Comic Market 83
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The sky hadn't changed. From that place, that time.

My parents were dealing with things and sent me to study abroad.

I did a homestay and returned to Japan.

What once felt like forever was now like some kind of vacation.

I slipped back into life in Japan. My little town.

I met old friends.

We passed the time.

Then my mind awoke with a lightning bolt of a memory.

There was a promise I had made her, before it all.

"Why are you going away?"she asked.
But I didn't have a choice.

She had clung to me and cried.

More than the promise my heart remembered the sadness.

Thats why, once more...

That day we separated... we held hands...

Once more...

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