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Release Jan/15/2013
Series Yumekizu
Age Ratings
Work Format
Digital Novel / Light Young Adult Romance Fantasy Novel for the Experienced Heart
File Format
EventComic Market 83
File Size
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"Shall I show it to you? The door to hell."

Sakuya is embraced in the warm love of Keiichi. Her friends Yae and Hinata cheer her on. This is the ordinary tranquil life of young girls, but a darkness is silently looming...

Masquerading in another form, a mysterious duo with plans to modify the human body pick their next victim: Sakuya. Risako senses that something is amiss and takes countermeasures.

Sleeping within Sakuya is another "her"... manipulated behind the scenes by the duo...

Enjoy the mystery and fantasy of Yumekizu #2

Playtime: about 2 hours

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