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Release Dec/10/2012
Series Maria in turmoil of war
Age Ratings
Work Format
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Page Count210 pages
File Size


March 2015 update

To those considering purchase:

Current content is being revised at this time.
It will take some time but in subsequent days
it will be completely replaced with new content.
Please keep this in mind.

Zolotov's stopped timepiece began moving at last.

The year was 1941.The Basilix Commonwealth had invaded
its neighbors, the United Nation of Prauda, which was a newly
formed democracy after overthrowing the Empire in 1921.
The Zolotov family had played an integral role
in the democratization of Prauda, by betraying other
aristocrats of the time.

Now, 20 years later...

The great war was spreading. Alexandra of Zolotov saw opportunity
in the chaos for new revolution. Once again, the timepiece moves.

A beautiful anthropomorphic tank girl. A commander, Erhard Heideger, with a sad fate.

210 pages, 2048x1536 264 ppi size
Confirmed compatibility for Mac, iPhone4


Version updates are planned for this product.
Please be aware that DLsite does not guarantee
version updates or the contents thereof.

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2 user reviews

Frequent keywords the reviewers selected :

Robot(2) Military(2) War(2) Humanoid Robot(2)
Pick Up !Even better than the first one

Jun/30/2014  By solaireTop 50 Reviewer

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Keywords the reviewer selected :

Each and every one of the qualities that made the first volume great are present in this second one and every single aspect of this work represents a significant improvement over the first work,the visuals of characters,vehicles and locations are more detailed and polished,the action is intense,the few instances of fanservice are very refined and this second book features nearly twice the number of pages of the first book,for all of these reasons i can say without any doubt that this non hentai doujin work is easily on par with renowned titles like shing*ki no ky*jin.

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Pick Up !Good Sequel

Dec/11/2012  By vessaliusTop 50 Reviewer

2 user(s) found this review helpful.

Keywords the reviewer selected :

This sequel is cool and awesome!
The Drawings and style have improved a bit
and this time with more pages. Like the last volume and my review from volume 1, i can't read japanese but I hope someday for a translated version of it, because this volume looks like to have more background story.
It is really intersting and i wish i could read japanese

I look forward to the next Volume and will purchase it as well

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