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Circle  :  Apple&Watermelon
Website :  http://aandw.tyanoyu.net/
Release :  Oct/14/2012
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NYAKE is back with a powered up plussy plus (+) tribute to otome games from K*y (To H*art 2, Cl*nnad, OtoBoku).

Album: 8 tracks


01 Little Hero -Ganbare girl- Remaster Ver (To H*art 2)
02 Strong Bond Remaster Ver (Otome wa Boki ni Koish*teru)
03 The Place To Make Wishes Remaster Ver (CL*NNAD)
04 Kishinraku Remaster Ver (Kiz*ato) (from L*af)
05 Ehhen! -Kanade's Theme- Remaster Ver (Otome wa Boki ni Koish*teru)
06 Kagayaki -Deepverb- (To H*art 2)
07 Emerald no Kaze -Tea time of night- Remaster Ver (Otome wa Boki ni Koish*teru)
08 Technical Power -Buttle of Stewards- (To H*art 2)

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