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Release Jul/10/2015
Last Modified Mar/20/2018 
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  • Necessary Settings The application may not function unless a Japanese language pack is set properly in your PC / the System Locale is set to Japanese. For more details, please refer to [ How can I set my system locale to Japanese? ] on the Frequently Asked Questions page.


Tekkoudan presents: a hamster battle / card SLG & novel

STARLIKE was first released at Comiket 82 as a 2-disc game + soundtrack.
This is the special collector's DL edition (full title: "STARLIKE Sumeraboshi-hen").

* Premise
Set in a post-war alternate history of Old Japan,
part serialized story, part hamster-raising, part battle simulator,
the story follows a girl named Setsuko and Hamstar, who she rescued.
Each day you choose how to care for the hamster, play minigames to
raise stats, and progress the story to a battle on the final day of each story chapter.

Read about Setsuko and Hamstar in classic sakubun-style Japanese writing.
The story takes some twists and turns. The effects of battle, and relationships
with other tournament competitors. Among their many trials, what will happen?

Train Hamstar in a minigame that raises 4 stats.
Feed him daily, sometimes gifting him a unique item.
There is a minigame for earning money, a shop to purchase food, weapons and
special cards for battle, the option to rest with benefits, and a stat tracker.

In battle, the four suits of a standard deck of cards have different effects.

Spade/Club...(If attacking: melee, If defending: guard)
Diamond/Heart... (if attacking: weapon, If defending: evasion)

Cards of the same suit can offset each other, face cards have special results,
and the battle can turn around with a single maneuver. It's a game of chance x strategy
which fans of both can enjoy.

* Contents
Tekkoudan's STARLIKE includes all 6 parts of the SLG & serialized novel,
as well as the following add-ons and bonus features:

- "Carnage" difficulty option
- "Hamster Rearing Focus Mode" (automatically skips story)
- "Competition Mode" (all tournament battles back to back)
- Bonus scenario
- CG appreciation mode
- Music appreciation mode
- Leaderboard
- New Game Plus (max +5 stat bonus, all weapons, all winnings carry over)

Operational Requirements

1.5GHz or greater
512MB or greater
500MB or greater

Upgrade Information

  • Mar/20/2018
    Correction: bugs/defects
  • Feb/06/2018
    Correction: bugs/defectsAddition of contents
  • Jun/07/2017
    Correction: bugs/defects
  • Jul/17/2016
    Correction: typosCorrection: bugs/defectsAddition of contents
  • Nov/01/2015
    Correction: typosCorrection: bugs/defects

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