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Release Jul/10/2015
Last Modified Jun/07/2017 
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Tekkoudan presents: a hamster battle / card SLG & novel

STARLIKE was first released at Comiket 82 as a 2-disc game + soundtrack.
This is the special collector's DL edition (full title: "STARLIKE Sumeraboshi-hen").

* Premise
Set in a post-war alternate history of Old Japan,
part serialized story, part hamster-raising, part battle simulator,
the story follows a girl named Setsuko and Hamstar, who she rescued.
Each day you choose how to care for the hamster, play minigames to
raise stats, and progress the story to a battle on the final day of each story chapter.

Read about Setsuko and Hamstar in classic sakubun-style Japanese writing.
The story takes some twists and turns. The effects of battle, and relationships
with other tournament competitors. Among their many trials, what will happen?

Train Hamstar in a minigame that raises 4 stats.
Feed him daily, sometimes gifting him a unique item.
There is a minigame for earning money, a shop to purchase food, weapons and
special cards for battle, the option to rest with benefits, and a stat tracker.

In battle, the four suits of a standard deck of cards have different effects.

Spade/Club...(If attacking: melee, If defending: guard)
Diamond/Heart... (if attacking: weapon, If defending: evasion)

Cards of the same suit can offset each other, face cards have special results,
and the battle can turn around with a single maneuver. It's a game of chance x strategy
which fans of both can enjoy.

* Contents
Tekkoudan's STARLIKE includes all 6 parts of the SLG & serialized novel,
as well as the following add-ons and bonus features:

- "Carnage" difficulty option
- "Hamster Rearing Focus Mode" (automatically skips story)
- "Competition Mode" (all tournament battles back to back)
- Bonus scenario
- CG appreciation mode
- Music appreciation mode
- Leaderboard
- New Game Plus (max +5 stat bonus, all weapons, all winnings carry over)

Operational Requirements

Work Number
File / Size
RJ103413.zip / 450.17MB (472036006Byte)
1.5GHz or greater
512MB or greater
500MB or greater
Necessary Tools
To view this work, you may need to install the Japanese language pack on your PC. For more details, please refer to [ How can I install the Japanese language pack? ] on the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Upgrade Information

  • Jun/07/2017
    Correction: bugs/defects
  • Jul/17/2016
    Correction: typosCorrection: bugs/defectsAddition of contents
  • Nov/01/2015
    Correction: typosCorrection: bugs/defects

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