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Circle  :  AlchemyBlue
Website :  http://www.alchemyblue.net/
Release :  Aug/22/2012
Last Modified :  Sep/24/2012
Series :  PROMISE
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Windows2000 / WindowsXP / WindowsVista / Windows7
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Event : Comic Market 82
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Game Contents:
* Opening animation 2 minutes with full vocals theme song!
* High ambiance, high quality, balanced pacing 4 vs 4 battles!
* Over 30 characters to meet and interact with!

Created for RPG fans, with dedicated focus on game FUN and PLAYABILITY.

If you love roleplaying games, if you love 2D, if you love battles and discovery and perky people in a different world, this is for you!

There were once five great continents in the world of Elfyried
Spirits who represented all of creation provided the "mana" of this world,
nourishing and raising its people in peace.

Among the five, the continent Glossia had the richest resources and greatest history.

It had begun as a tranquil eden, and flourished rapidly into an economic and industrial giant.
Then it expanded its borders, and became despotic toward its people, consuming and growing.

Soon Glossia began to consume mana from other continents. The spirits of Elfyried disappeared.

Now, a young leader of the army of Ishtar decided it was time to change things.

The peace of the five continents was about to be unsettled...

Operational Requirements

Work Number
File / Size
RJ100341.zip / 102.59MB (107573355Byte)
Pentium III 1.0GHz or greater
512MB or greater
300MB or greater
800x600 display 16bit or greater
9.0 or greater
MPEG-2 video codec support
Necessary Tools
To view this work, you may need to install the Japanese language pack on your PC. For more details, please refer to [ How can I install the Japanese language pack? ] on the Frequently Asked Questions page.

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