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Release Jul/19/2012
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Kureha E. Wood was a ghost who did public relations for Poltergeist Pictures, a movie production company in the world of the supernatural. Her job was to promote the company image, but when Kureha got the chance to work with industry legend Clankin Lynch, she ditched her PR duties to film a personal project, much to the anger of her boss Remuli.

Meanwhile, four humans wandered into a secluded forest. Three of them were a gang who called themselves the Noirboris, and the fourth was a young boy named Oloka. The Noirboris trio was pulling a prank on the boy, saying that they found proof of bigfoot. Oloka was a believer in such things. The Noirboris teased him relentlessly, and after luring him into the middle of nowhere, they threw him down an incline and abandoned him.

Oloka awoke next to a large lake called Eswater. It was there that he met Kureha, who was grumbling about her job. Kureha was taken aback. Humans couldn't see or touch the world of the supernatural. There was something special about Oloka.

They felt an instant specialness. Of course Oloka was amazed, but Kureha's eyes sparkled at the rare meeting: a human who saw ghosts! There were so many possibilities... if she used him right, Oloka would be a boon for herself and for Poltergeist Pictures... no, the whole spirit world would be rocked by this discovery!

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