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Release Jul/17/2012
Last Modified May/12/2013
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Moments are fleeting...

When was I taught that life is everything?
When did I start to feel that it wasn't?
One summer night, Misato Kanzaki thinks long about the
important things she lost and can't get back, like
her reason for living. How long she's felt this way is unknown,
but now it's every day. Lost in a haze, yearning for comfort.
Yet the basic rule of living for life's sake is all there is for
the 2nd year high schooler.
An event moves her thoughts to the future.
Memories of the sky-spanning rainbow she didn't realize
that day take shape at last in the form of words...

Even as dreams and desires are forever lost, she must live.
A game about the heavy, sad soul of one girl.

* Suitable for all ages
* Playtime: about 30 minutes

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