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Circle  :  TetraScope
Website :  http://tetrascope.skr.jp/
Release :  May/31/2012
Last Modified :  Sep/24/2015 
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WindowsVista / Windows7
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She relocated schools due to a situation with her parents.
Since then she rarely visited home. It's unknown if she had friends or not.
She was invested only in a cute cat named Hayate.
Her bangs were always getting in her face. She was modest and plain. It was the way that she could be comfortable.
She'd built up a fortress around herself.
But on the first day of her relocation, not knowing the school policy, she shrugged off warnings about her hair.
The one who warned him was the super-snobby class president...!?

R-15 (age recommended) love story about an introverted young girl (protagonist).

Official website:

Created with NScripter
Possible character couplings: 4 characters
Situations: 68 + images
Endings: 14 (including bad)
Playtime: 12 hours
Custom name: YES

* Please check the trial version to confirm compatibility.

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  • Sep/24/2015

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