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Release :  Mar/20/2012
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Da dada daaaaaa! Introduction sparkles! *fwa!*
Everybuddy, I've been so silent! But look it's me! And my Japanese is much more dai-bu-jou!

But you know what? There's still lots of hard words I dunno!
Today let's follow 3 hanashi-stories about me and some rilly muzukashii nihongo.
If my language is good I can haz cuddles?

- The Konnyaku Dialogue (the mistress falls in love with konnyaku jelly working at a confectionary shop)
- Drippy (the mistress wants to learn beautiful Japanese, but her teacher is a slang-crazy hipster gyaru!)
- Poems of Great Literary Import (the mistress asks a science teacher about the meanings of Hyakunin Isshu)

Listen to the phenomenally talented voice actress Maki Izumi tapdance through 11 linguistic styles!

* 2nd in the Maki Izumi series!! Be sure to check out "Maki Izumi no Hyakunin Isshu!" (RE028696)

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