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Release Nov/13/2013
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Gamepad compatible / Vertical monitor compatible
  • Necessary Settings The application may not function unless a Japanese language pack is set properly in your PC / the System Locale is set to Japanese. For more details, please refer to [ How can I set my system locale to Japanese? ] on the Frequently Asked Questions page.


Feathered Ether presents...

STELLAVANITY - Prelude to the Destined Calamity -
An indie vertical scrolling shooter

* Playable on standard and portrait/vertical monitors!

Evolve your ship through 7 stages of intense action!
Built for newcomers with a forgiving, fun EASY mode;
and pull-no-punches PANDEMONIUM mode for expert gamers.
There are 6 levels of difficulty to match your desired challenge.
Choose from 2 types of equipment: classic C-Gear for simple attack and defense,
and advanced S-Gear for those with a mastery of weapons.
Press start, and launch into a galactic frenzy!

Your character develops experience as you progress, increasing your status and strength.
You will also receive status rewards by in-game performance. Dominate harder, grow faster!
(For fans of hardcore arcade gaming, there's also an option to lock your status at the starting level.)

STELLAVANITY is a classic stage-by-stage STG with a boss at the final stage,
as well as a hidden boss in three forms. Popularly known as the "true boss",
defeating all forms is the mission objective at all difficulty levels.

* Version updates will come! Please purchase with a DLsite account to ensure access.
* Current version 1.22

* Currently, Feathered Ether does not provide direct customer support for this product.
Please take this into consideration when you purchase.

Operational Requirements

Pentium 4 or greater
384MB or greater
200MB or greater
256MB or greater
9 or greater


Version updates are planned for this product.
Please be aware that DLsite does not guarantee
version updates or the contents thereof.

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2 user reviews

Pick Up !Absolute must buy!

Feb/10/2014  By xexedTop : 7 Reviewer

1 user(s) found this review helpful.

This game is simply one of the best shmups around. It looks beautiful, everything runs extremely smoothly, and it features a complex system with bullet patterns that are nearly at a CAVE level of quality. The music is also wonderful and deserves to be listened to on its own. There is a shop system where you can buy items and you earn the money for this through playing the game. This give a nice incentive for reply, although the base game is good enough you shouldn't need one! At this price you should not pass this up!

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Pick Up !Fantastic!

Nov/25/2013  By あるふぁさん

3 user(s) found this review helpful.

With seven stages, a True Last Boss, multitude of difficulty settings, a myriad of configuration options to optimize your weapons, this is one of the most complex games of its genre right now.

Still, don't let the apparently daunting difficulty or complex scoring fool you: there is a lot of fun to be had!

Simply put, one of the best STG out there and it's a relief to finally see it in the english version of DLsite and at a reduced price. Go get this right now!

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