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Circle T.O.P.Follow
Release Dec/27/2011
Last Modified Oct/21/2012
Series Copyright Free Materials
Age Ratings
Work Format
CG / Illustrations
 / Materials Collection
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This is a collection of non-copyrighted scenery CGs, which can be used for game and website creation.

Includes all rooms of a 2-storey home:
1st floor... entryway (2 types), hall, staircase, living room, dining room,
kitchen, toilet, changing room, bathtub
2nd floor... hall, staircase, toilet, bedroom (male/female/master), veranda
19 total types x multiple lightings (noon, afternoon, evening, night)

Please be sure to check the demo for compatibility.
Recommend purchase with member account for updates.
Use as you please! Modified or as-is.

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4 user reviews

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Entertainment(2) Office(2)
Pick Up !A complete house for your visual novels / games

Sep/16/2016  By SalamoTop : 5 Reviewer

2 user(s) found this review helpful.

Keywords the reviewer selected :

T.O.P. copyright-free background materials are the best backgrounds for your videogames/visual novels by a long shot. Nowhere else can you find 19 backgrounds with so many variations (in total, you will have access to hundreds and hundreds of backgrounds) ! That's where the catch is : each variation (day/night/morning) literally changes the picture, making it a work of art on his own. As a bonus, some pictures have rain, snow, dark clouds... If you need backgrounds for a visual novel in which a home plays a central part, look no further, this pack is "A Gem". Highly recommended.

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Pick Up !Great!

Dec/01/2014  By DeXP

1 user(s) found this review helpful.

Keywords the reviewer selected :

This backgrounds are really great! I'd like to do a game with it!
Especially I like the female room, made in pink colours. It can be used not only erotic context, but for everyday use (even, for all ages games/comix!).
There is a lot of halls in the house. I thinks, it is too much of them: hall near the entrance door, hall near staircase, hall near one room, hall near another room... Argh! It will be better, if there was more rooms too.
But anyway, there is a great background pack!

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Pick Up !High Quality Backgrounds!

Jul/08/2013  By EvilEaglesTop : 10 Reviewer

2 user(s) found this review helpful.

The backgrounds included in the pack are all of very high quality with great amount of details. Also, every background has different varieties (day, night, sunset, sundown) and are available in three different resolutions as well. This is indeed the work of professional background artists. I am completely satisfied with this purchase and will be purchasing more backgrounds from this circle in case any needs arise.

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Pick Up !A beautiful Japanese style house.

Dec/03/2012  By redpandagamesTop : 3 Reviewer

3 user(s) found this review helpful.

This is by chance exactly what I needed for a visual novel that I'm working on.

I think that I counted 17 completely unique renders. I would suggest downloading the trial to make sure that it will work for your project.

The only drag is that the documentation and charts are all written in Japanese, though they seem completely unnecessary.

The addition of snow in the outdoor scenes is a nice touch. You can also look out the balcony onto the city, but if you look out the front door, you'll just see the background blend into a dense fog, snow, or rain.

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