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Circle FoxEyeFollow
Release Apr/18/2012
Last Modified Sep/04/2014
Series Blue Port Series
Age Ratings
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 / Under Sea Exploration 3D Adventure Game
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FoxEye returns with an all-new exotic underwater entertainment 3D adventure game.
Dive into the beautiful blue waters and explore the paradise island au naturale:
no scuba tanks or fins, just natural "pearl diving" bikini outfit.
Treasure and danger await your discovery. Let's begin a teenage girl adventure!

Thanks to the collaboration of Aster, we are proud to present this high quality English language edition.

Bonus - Accessorize your desktop with wallpapers + clocks!
* "Only Summer" original illustrations -12 full HD images (1920x1200)
* Desktop accessory collection "Midsummer Treasure Box" - Underwater timer/clock with voice, each for 3 girls

* Mini-events available exclusively in the trial version - check it out and confirm compatibility.

Save anywhere you can breathe
Penalty-free continue and save system
Powered up contents and gameplay focuses on value experience
Accessible to first-time gamers and experts, lots of content!
BLUE PORT J Official Site: http://www.foxeye.squares.net/product/blueportj/

* Suitable for all ages, but girls are depicted in swimwear, semi-nude, etc.
Please take note before you purchase.


This is the ENGLISH version translated by the circle.
(Text: English / Voice: Japanese)

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5 user reviews

Frequent keywords the reviewers selected :

Girl(3) Outdoor(2) Swimwear(2)
Amazing Game

Apr/21/2015  By Joey245

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Keywords the reviewer selected :

Blue Port J: Summer Sky Prelude is the story of three girls, an island with a hidden treasure, and mystical insects with curious properties. I bought this game on January 9th, 2014, and fell in love with it as soon as I booted it up. (The game, that is.)

The game offers three different control methods: mouse and keyboard, keyboard only, or gamepad. The mouse and keyboard option is unvable for me. The keyboard only option is a little better, but relies on a control setup that felt awkward for me. The game plays beautifully with a gamepad, however, so that's what I'd recommend.

The levels are detailed and creative, with air pockets placed strategically and tools and skills obtained through the story to bypass obstacles. This game can be fiendishly difficult at times (such as one segment where you need to find your flashlight in the dark and navigate a tunnel maze with few air pockets and starting w/about half your air...drowned so many times), and the puzzles take some abstract thinking and studying to figure out. I even emailed FoxEye himself at one point asking how to solve the last puzzle! (It was incredibly obvious in hindsight. :P)

All in all, Blue Port J is an enjoyable, charming, and interesting little adventure. It all works quite well together, and even after beating the story (~6 hours for me) I spent a lot of time just swimming in the beautiful locales. Highly recommended.

Just make sure you sign up as soon as you buy it. I didn't, and a year after buying, my computer derped and I had to reformat. I need to buy it again.

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Swimming & Exploration

Aug/12/2013  By Visioneer

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Keywords the reviewer selected :

This is a fun and cute game. The character models, while low poly, are well textured and animated nicely. The surroundings, by comparison, are a bit repetitive, and textures are a bit dull and muddy. Each zone is also small (but a lack of load time makes transitions pretty smooth.)

The English translations seem well done, but a bit robotic and lacking personality at points (extremely formal language tends to be used as a rule, and occasional exceptions seem a little out of place.)

I've primarily been playing with a XBox360 Controller for Windows, and the camera controls are a bit wonky on it: vertical control is flawless, but horizontal control for the camera is unresponsive, so I am forced to use the shoulder buttons, which creates a bit of a learning curve while trying to navigate. The camera could have been given an auto-follow feature, which really would have helped this game out. I'm considering switching back to the tried and true keyboard+mouse combination that is always dependable.

Where this game really shines is during the underwater areas, which is really the focus of the game, anyway. Swimming controls well, but using the camera to dive and swim to the surface takes a little while to get used to.

The price of the game is fair, especially for exploratory nature of it. Its also an excellent effort by the designers, and I look forward to their other games.

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Jun/10/2013  By Kenji9000Top 50 Reviewer

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Keywords the reviewer selected :

If you haven't already picked up this game and you are a fan of underwater theme works, please do grab this item! The game can get confusing at times. By this I mean you get stuck not knowing what to do, however once you find out you usually are able to proceed after solving challenging puzzles. Again the team over at foxeye did an excellent job. One should definitely add this game to your underwater collection.

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Pick Up !Foxeye's best game yet!

Feb/26/2013  By CaliburnTop 50 Reviewer

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Keywords the reviewer selected :

Expecting another great game from Foxeye after watching the clip from the demo, I moved in and bought this game and it surely met and exceeded my expectations.

The environments in this game look beautiful. Foxeye did a really good job here, as it makes swimming around in the game so much more relaxing and fun.

The texts and dialogues have been translated quite well. You can understand the story, tasks and hints to puzzles perfectly fine.

The controls of this game worked with me just fine. You can swim around freely without any restraints and explore the various places this game has to offer. It's playable with a gamepad but it's quite easy to get the controls down with just a keyboard as well.

The gallery "Only Summer" which comes with this game provides 12 great looking pictures, adding a nice bit of artwork and value to this game.

If you are unsure whether you should get this or not, watch the demo video to this game to see what it looks like and how it works. If you have an underwater/drowning fetish though, then this great game is definitely a must-buy for you!

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Great :)

Apr/25/2012  By seawolf03Top 50 Reviewer

1 user(s) found this review helpful.

As usual, a wonderful game from FoxEye. The graphics are wonderful. The controls are very good. The only problem I had was a personal one, the camera doesn't sync well with the right analog stick on my game pad. The translation from Japanese is very good. I also like being able to switch between characters, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. A must buy for any fan of aquaphilia. Can't wait for the next work.

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