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Circle  :  CROWN GEAR
Website :  http://crowngear.xxxxxxxx.jp/
Release :  Sep/12/2011
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Windows2000 / WindowsXP / WindowsVista / Windows7
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The tiny island was shrouded in white mist.
Its existence was known to precious few, its location hidden.
On the island there was a vast store of information...

... the Akashic Records.

Kousuke Mizuhara was on a long school trip one spring. On the last day of sightseeing he was on a ferry which, instead of taking him to the mainland, was enveloped in white mist. He and the other students arrived somewhere... and were greeted by a beautiful young girl.

"Welcome everyone, to Kokujima."

A mystery novel game.

Planning, scenario: TUNA / Sennoeyu
Artwork: Black Hemisphere
Script: iue

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RJ083052.zip / 274.69MB (288036946Byte)
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