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Release Aug/13/2011
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Music is war! IOSYS and team present a new Music & Drama CD.


Whether it's olden day or modern day is hard to say...
The story of Oda-chan, an amateur DJ who lived in Kiyosu, Aichi prefecture
who braves many unusual events with her junior friend Hii-chan.

Track List

01.Music is Like a Battle
02.ATSUMORI(Radio Edit)
03.@OKEHAZAMA side A
04.TEL SHAZAI(Radio Edit)
05.IMAGAWA no shokutaku
06.IMAGAWA west gate park(Radio Edit)
07.@OKEHAZAMA side B
08.Good Music Now(Radio Edit)
09.ATSUMORI(Original Mix)
10.TEL SHAZAI(Original Mix)
11.IMAGAWA west gate park(Original Mix)
12.Good Music Now(Original Mix)


Oda-chan: Natsu Iwasugi (Delivery Divers)
Hideyoshi (Hii-chan): Isabel
Takechiyo: Coco (Innocent Key)
Imagawa P: MOC
Owner Mori: Shuichi Tatsunami
Tani Tani
Toyo Toyo
Aiko Onuma
Tsuka Tsuka

Staff List

Edit: Tani Tani
Mastering: uno
Character Design & Illustration: PICOGRAPH
Another Jacket Illustration: Unagi Kabayaki (CYTOKINE)
Package Design: Aiko Onuma / NAVEX

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