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Release Mar/22/2011
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ZeroZigen's original game "koenchu - yonogi voice actor's story -" became a voice drama.
Follow the story of young student Hikari's dream to become, set in the same world as the ADV game.

Title: ZeroZigen -Koenchu! Hikari Kagayaku-
Editor: Masashirou
Scenario: Maya Kurokami
Art: Hydra
Collaboration: KumaStar

Voices (CV):
Nekomaru Satou
Yuu Nanao
Yuichi Kai
Naoto Takeda
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RJ074596.zip / 45.21MB

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1 user reviews

High School Seiyuu

Apr/10/2012  By Taihen HentaiTop : 10 Reviewer

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It's a nice audio drama for what its is worth. Instead of the usual huffing and puffing of my usual buys, the storyline of being in high school makes for a well needed change. The voice actors, both male and female, that were featured in this program did a superb job playing their parts and the script very well made. I honestly have no clue as to how the game is, but if this was made off of it, it would be a good game, and the same thing goes in reverse. It's definitely worth purchasing.

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