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Dress Obsession #1

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Circle  :  MUYM
Website :  http://www.geocities.jp/c_muym/
Release :  Mar/17/2011
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An androgynous shonen, Takashi, was skilled at becoming a woman with the right clothes and makeup. He was always ridiculed, if playfully, for being a crossdresser.

One day Takashi was mistaken for someone else. A man ominously said, "great disaster will come." At first he went along with the mixup for a laugh... but in no time he was steeped in true danger. The man and his cohorts were hitmen, and Takashi was the target.

His crossdressing skills may now save his life!
But in a further twist, he's hunted by a woman... who dresses as a man!?

* Exciting and creative manga from circle MUYM *

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