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Release Feb/28/2011
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Long ago, a magical war was waged.

Humans of Arcadia were rushed by a grand army of demonic troops.

Eight gods and humans combined their powers to drive the army back.

In the aftermath of the war, two cursed swords were forged.
One sword contained the spirit of a great demon, called Diograns.
The other sword held an allied spirit, called Soul Eater.

The two swords were sealed with a supernatural lock.
Soul Eater was gifted to the king, and Diograns was buried in the earth.

The swords were forgotten and many years passed peacefully.

But through the edge of the blade, Diograns was resurrected.

Royal human troops were sent to try and reseal the demon in the sword,
but all efforts failed, and none returned.

Only one option remained: unleash Soul Eater, to consume Diograns.

Presenting a new RPG adventure by MGnet!
The adventures and rich history of Arcadia continue.

* Requires RPG Tkool VX RTP (free)

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RJ073809.zip / 8.95MB (9385974Byte)
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