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Circle  :  KUMYS
Website :  http://kumys.doujin.so/
Release :  Mar/02/2011
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Windows2000 / WindowsXP / WindowsVista
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Summoners attend a school in the Magical 6th District.
This is the adventure of one student, Maru Lou Lourou,
3rd year A class magical girl.

Fantasy Otome Adventure Game.

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RJ073743.zip / 215.16MB (225606572Byte)
Pentium or greater
230MB or greater
65536 colors or greater
3 or greater
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1 user reviews

Cute otome game

Mar/22/2011  By meganeroTop 50 Reviewer

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A cute and light-hearted otome game. The game doesn't have any voice or event CG, but then again the price is cheap so it's rather unreasonable to ask for more. 3 obtainable characters, and the whole game probably took me about 4 hours.

The game has wonderful comedic moments, but not as much romance... to illustrate, there's not even a kiss in the game, but the comedic moments more than made up for it.

The game system is a bit weird, in it that once you've finished 1 route, all the chapters would be unlocked and you're free to replay any chapter. But I suggest not doing this... just play again starting from chapter 1 through to 11. I found that jumping back and selecting chapters out of order did a funny thing with my game, namely it being more difficult to get the other endings.

The game also came with a mini-game in the Atelier-series style gameplay.

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