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Release Jan/20/2011
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Title: Akamichiru, Sono Sora Ni (The Red Risen Sky)
Genre: Original novel ADV game for all ages
Playtime: about 30 hours

This is the epic beginning half of the series.
Try out the demo above and learn more at:

My father's face was very close.
I reached out a tentative finger and poked the skin. It was cold to the touch.
On his passing, I was sixteen, days away from my second year in high school.

After his death I went to live with my younger aunt.
There, for the first time, I experienced what they call the warmth of family.
She soon felt like my real mother, and my cousin Mina a young sister.

And then, something strange happened. Mina fell ill, physically.
An "inner voice" was being awakened.

A mystery in this town has been passed down since ancient times.
If you peel back the veil there's a ritualistic cult.
Countless animal corpses.

Akamichiru, Sono Sora Ni (The Red Risen Sky) -
Interwoven lives and tales told in a new novel series by Robata Studio.

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