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Circle  :  Silver Moon
Website :  http://rudorufu.otogirisou.com/
Release :  Jan/18/2011
Last Modified :  May/17/2011
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The small town sat abreast of the Japan Sea. It was the birthplace of a certain horror manga artist, who had promoted its image by using stories of the local ghosts. This summer, a film school student returned here too, for his summer vacation. He had plans to create a documentary of similar fashion.

He greeted the town, old friends and his beloved sister, feeling the nostalgia.

... But an ominous dark shadow was forming with each passing day...

Yumeminato: The Town of Phantoms
An original sound novel - spine-tingling apparitions and storytelling.

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Character intros:

Scenario (text): about 450 pages
Events (CG): 55 base, 62 total works

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RJ071628.zip / 322.21MB (337866323Byte)
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