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from Taiwan

Website :  http://zestostudio.blogspot.com/
Release :  Dec/02/2010
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Windows2000 / WindowsXP / WindowsVista / Windows7
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Mine Dungeon

=!Mark the mine sweeper!=

The rule of the game is like other mine sweeper.
But, to mark the landmine, you have to manipulate the behavior of the role that you play.

=!A system of barriers!=

On top of the ordinary mine sweeper, this game includes a system of barriers.
But in each step you can only try to obviate the barrier no more than 3 times.
Key ponits of this game: Obviate the key barriers and get the key number of landmines.

There is no landmine under a barrier!

=!Enemies that interfere with your progress!=

You have enemies in this game.
They are not offensive, but they will interfere with your progress.
This will increase the difficulties in your reasoning and action.

For instance:
Ball Slime: Change the numbers in the grids up and down, right and left, to"?"
Fire Crystal: When the Fire Crystal is destructed, the grids on the cross line is destructed too.
There are no landmines under the enemies that don't move.

WebSite: http://zestogame3o5j.blogspot.com/

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RJ069414.zip / 51.97MB (54491219Byte)
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