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Website :  http://blue-forest.sakura.ne.jp/
Release :  Sep/13/2009
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This is a collection of raw imagery for use in game and website creation.

* Character patterns: 13x3x2
* Facial expression patterns: 6
* Profession includes such as policewoman, nurse, maid, doctor, sister, china, suit, shrine maiden, teacher, etc
* Image format: PNG, PSD
* Image size: 640 x 480 and 800 x 600 compatible
* Can be used in free products as well as commercial ones, regardless of age restrictions.
* Can be used for websites and blogs
* Can be used without showing copyright.

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RJ052100.zip / 195.09MB (204565636Byte)

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Working women wear a lot of hats... and everything else.

Jul/07/2014  By AmyTop 50 Reviewer

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I really enjoyed this set! It had a good range of basic character builds to work from and a lot of different styles of clothes when compared to the working dude's collection of suits, suits, and more suits. (Though I will admit, they are very well drawn suits, and I will probably pick up that set too at some point.)

The lines are clean and the coloring technique happens to blend really well with my own, so it saves me a lot of time over drawing all of my supporting characters from the ground up. Even just leafing through it for inspiration has been a huge help when I'm stuck on a particular design. If you are interested in game making or character design at all, you really can't go wrong picking this up -- especially at this price!

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