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Release Aug/22/2009
Last Modified Oct/08/2013
Series Free Sound Collection - BGM
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This is the materials for creators of amateur game and contains a set for horror adventure game and 19 types of sound effects.

10 tracks created for the use in the horror adventure game.

"We want the high quality BGM, ME, SE without any problems with the copyright issues."
We have heard those voices from Game developers. If you are one of them, please try out our products.

As for the trial versions, you can listen to each songs for approximately 20 seconds.

In mp3 format at 320kbps.

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Serious(2) Horror(2) Mystery(2)
Pick Up !Rich, great BGM for horror.

Jan/24/2014  By SourjellyTop 50 Reviewer

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if you are an indie game developer, and willing to make a horror game, I would recommend you buy this product. strong and sharp steel grinding noises to chill down your spine. and it's great for boss fight BGM as well. more over, not only for game developing, this music itself is great enough to enjoy. also there's bonus sound effects that were resourced to make this BGMs. great product. worth 15 bucks.

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Pick Up !Awesome music!

Aug/22/2012  By EvilEaglesTop : 10 Reviewer

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Found this set while I was desperately searching for some creepy background music for my horror game project, and thankfully, the tracks have done the job just right. The ambience, the atmosphere are even though quiet, they also are utterly horrifying. Some tracks are a bit more fast paced, which would fit a chasing scenes such as characters running away from some supernatural forces. Lastly, the tracks are absolutely a great and beautiful combination of different instruments.

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