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Release :  Feb/27/2009
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Music from various saga, Seiken series are arranged into hard rock and metal sound.

1. Overture from Saga
2. Hissatsu no Ichigeki from SaGa2-Hihou densetsu-
3. Battle#5 from Saga Frontier
4. Genjyou Battle from Romansing Saga3
5. Jyutusensha Battle from Romancing SaGa3
6. Yonmakizoku 1&2 from Romancing SaGa3
7. Last Battle from Romancing SaGa3
8. Gesuidou from Romancing SaGa
9. Sentou 2 from Shinyaku seiken densetsu
10. Kurunji tono tatakai from Romancing SaGa2
11.Kessen!! Saruin from Romancing SaGa

Includes a special edition cover.

Sample is available from the following link:
For more samples, visit the circle's homepage.

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