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Circle  :  TRI-GEO
Release :  Dec/25/2008
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Doujin SoftwareUtility / Tool / 3D material: model data
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Windows2000 / WindowsXP / WindowsVista
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Rokkaku Daiou Super (6KT) and Sashie Studio (6KH) Original Model Data Compilation

Rokkaku Daiou Super5 Trial Version is also included in the package

Sashie Studio data includes human parts (head, body, hair) for the human creation. You can select the human body parts to construct a new human.

The help guide in HTML format available, explaining how to play, including the useful tips.

For details, please visit the following website.

The trial version includes the same functionalities as the product version. However, it has a time limit of 7 minutes. (Replay allowed)

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RJ044638.zip / 244.99MB (256891877Byte)

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