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Release Oct/18/2008
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Among Mayan ruins, there was one historic and never-reached site called Asha.
The excavation group began their trip a month ago, however the group suddenly disappeared.

What happened to the excavation group?

"Lyrene" has been considered to be the object of the admiration and the fear ever since the ancient time to the present. What does it mean to us?

You were pursuing one of the excavation group members, your fiancee, Manon, then you stepped on the historic site.

When you reach the far end of the site, what would happen?

The story that is full of excitement and surprise is about to begin.
The creator, Child-Dream, has produced many products that were highly regarded by the users; such as RPG "Lost Memory", "Creatures", Mystery "ANGEL WHISPER", "Doll's Scar"

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