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Circle  :  Aigis
Website :  http://www.aigis-web.com/
Release :  Nov/02/2008
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Windows2000 / WindowsXP
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Underneath the holy tree that supports the world is the small county of Forest.
Peace has finally come upon the country which has been at war for the past 100 years.
However, in the sky appears a singular ice cloud.
It obstructs the light and freezes the soul.
And with the ice cloud, a cave appears in the tree, and a group of beings makes their way toward it.

Genuine dungeon RPG

Warriors, Bishops, Thief, etc; 10 kinds of classes

All out attack, Treasure-chest unlocking, abundant skills and Rune Magic

With your private weapon training systems, go hunt the dungeon!!

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RJ043273.zip / 395.07MB (414256483Byte)
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