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Release Oct/30/2008
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It's the near future, the year 2045.
Thanks to the mysterious organization "A", the protagonist Shuvaltz Cant Honou lost his beloved, and now battles along with the quantum computer master Chris Rei against them.

At the end of the vicious battle, Honou and Rei drive away the main nodes of "A", Asuano and Haruman. But, many months later, they receive a letter.

"Something has happened here in the heart of Manhattan, America. I'll be waiting here."

Avengers, they fly to New York's Manhattan.
A future opera written by many authors in turn. Three chapters. Burn it into your eyes.

(THE MAN CALLED CRIMSON episode 1 and episode 2 were compiled at the same time. Only in the real full package can you play Episodes 1-3.)

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