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Circle  :  QruQruDou
Website :  http://qruqru.sakura.ne.jp/
Release :  Oct/11/2008
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Windows2000 / WindowsXP / WindowsVista
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Miku-fy your desktop!
You can have a chibi SD size Hats*ne Miku hang out and live on your PC's desktop as a 3D mascot.

She sings in her voice along with animations and speaks to you in speech bubbles.
You can also change her dialog information to have her say whatever you want in her speech bubbles.

You can also pose her however you'd like as full action figure functionality is included.
30 children's songs with altered lyrics in MP3 format included.
You can even use her speech bubbles as an RSS reader.

Operational Requirements

Work Number
File / Size
RJ042680.zip / 70.53MB (73955151Byte)
Pentium3 600MHz
256MB or greater
Necessary Tools
To view this work, you may need to install the Japanese language pack on your PC. For more details, please refer to [ How can I install the Japanese language pack? ] on the Frequently Asked Questions page.

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1 user reviews

Mikumiku Cuteness

Mar/23/2009  By Peridox

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This is a 3-D desktop mascot of Miku Hatsune from the Vocaloid program in Japan. She is highly detailed and can be rotated at all angles while on the desktop. As suspected, she will sing for you - when you open the program you are given choices as to what she looks like and what she will sing. While the program is cute, it is limited to just these options and cannot be added to.

I'd look at the sample first, because it has pretty much all the features the full program does. If you really like it, then pick it up, but I wouldn't necessarily jump for this product.

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