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Circle  :  void*
Website :  http://voidaste.blog109.fc2.com/
Release :  Sep/04/2008
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Introducing a simulation game where you have fun torturing a laid back creature!

In front of the conveyor belt there's a laid back creature eagerly awaiting the arrival of food.
Keep that laid back creature from eating by using the 4 types of guns you are armed with!

-Clear all 20 stages!-

There are stages for beginners, puzzle style stages, and a super difficult last stage.
There are 20 varied stages included.
Clear every single one of them!

Clear all 20 stages and see all 10 short demos for yourself!

*Please download the trial version and try it out on your computer.

Operational Requirements

Work Number
File / Size
RJ041725.zip / 75.95MB (79639812Byte)
DirectX 9
Necessary Tools
To view this work, you may need to install the Japanese language pack on your PC. For more details, please refer to [ How can I install the Japanese language pack? ] on the Frequently Asked Questions page.

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