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Website :  http://yellow.ribbon.to/~toy/
Release :  Dec/17/2007
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Other Format / PSD
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Windows98 / WindowsMe / Windows2000 / WindowsXP / WindowsVista
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Please use this software to create the models for games and more!

Can be used for games/productions for sale and for adult productions as well.

Color adjustment, paintbrush, and size changes all possible.

Note: please use software which can handle PSD files when using this software!!

Only PSD data files can be saved/edited.

Includes different hairstyles and clothing.

~Number of Materials~

9 types of bangs, 5 types of sideburns, 14 types of hairstyles, 5 types of hair accessories, and 4 types of underwear.

7 types of one-piece dresses, 9 types of tops, and 8 types of bottoms.

*Note: you are free to combine the tops and bottoms freely for the clothes.

Uniforms: blazer, sailor style, short sleeves, long sleeves, vests, and ribbons, etc)

Operational Requirements

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RJ035613.zip / 5.61MB (5885249Byte)

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