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Release :  Oct/09/2007
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This is a collection of original music of Kazami Saga , who made "Kuon no kizuna" and "Fuuraiki"and on June 28th 2007 passed on. This work includes 16 tracks from the original music CD "Nemurenu Yoru No Tame Ni" which was originally sold in August of 2002. Originally it was planned to re-release it properly, but as Kazami Saga has gone to a better place that plan has disappeared forever. I didn't think that leaving this buried would be a good way to remember Kazami Saga, so I've decided to re-release this in this format.

Additionally, the 4th track "Nemurenu Yoru No Tame Ni" is available for a listen via a download on the website. http://www5.big.or.jp/~sword/hps/dw01.shtml
There is a total of 16 songs.

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