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This page provides information about how to purchase products at English.

About is one of the largest online shops dedicated to otaku in Japan. We offer over 100,000 doujin/indie games and other contents. All of our products are digital and available for download across the world, for your enjoyment any time, any place on any PC or smart mobile device. is a pay-per-product system with free membership and no fees. You only spend money when you purchase a product and directly support the creator. English is the English version of and is divided into two sections. for All Ages
G-rated doujin/indie manga, games and software Ecchi
Doujin/indie manga, games and software for adults

About Creating an Account

Although you can purchase as a guest without creating an account, registering as a member (free) grants you additional benefits and privileges. Please note that guests can only redownload a product within 7 days of purchase.

Redownload7 daysUnlimited

About Payment Methods

You can choose payment by credit card or PayPal.
(PayPal is available for G-rated items only.)

Payments methods Card brands G-rated Adults
Credit card Yes Yes
PayPal Yes No

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How to Make Payment

There are two ways to shop at as a guest or a member.
Here is how to shop as a guest.

1. Product page

Click the [ Add to cart ] button of the product you wish to purchase.
The button will switch to [ Already in cart ] to indicate it was added.

Go to the cart page when you are ready to purchase.

2. Shopping cart

Make sure the item(s) and total charge are correct.
After confirmation, choose the payment by credit card or PayPal.

3. Enter user information

As a guest, you need to fill out this form each time you make a purchase.
Fill out the required fields and click the [ Accept the Policy & Preview ] button.

1.Phone number
Required when you select PayPal.
2.Email address
A purchase confirmation email will be sent to this address.
You can sign up for the newsletter.
HTML version
Plain text version
Don't subscribe

4. Preview your order

After confirmation, click the [ External webpage ] button.
Click the [ Back ] button to make a changes or corrections.

5. Payment

Payment by credit card

You will be redirected to an external webpage ( ECONTEXT ).
Enter your card information. After confirmation, click the [ Submit ] button.

The charging process may take a while. Please wait until you are automatically redirected to a new page.

When the payment is confirmed, you will be redirected to the product download page. Also, a purchase confirmation email will be sent to your email address when the payment is completed.

Payment by PayPal

You will be redirected to an external webpage ( PayPal ).
Log in to your PayPal account to make payment.

When the payment is confirmed, you will be redirected to the product download page.
Also, a purchase confirmation email will be sent to your email address when the payment is completed.

6. Download items

The list of purchased items will display. Click the [ Download ] button to download the files.
All files are compressed; you need to extract them first.


Redownloading is free and unlimited for 7 days from the date of the purchase.
The URL and password to redownload is provided in the purchase confirmation email.


  • All products are CENSORED in accordance with Japanese law.
  • All products are in JAPANESE only unless otherwise stated.
  • You may need to install Japanese language support on your PC to view games in Japanese.
  • does not provide products by mail order.
  • Our main products are commercially-unavailable doujin works. All products are commissioned directly by the authors. Copy, transfer, upload, and sharing of the contents on are strictly prohibited.
  • does not guarantee nor is liable for the appropriateness of viewing, purchasing or owning a product or its contents in your region. Please shop with at your own risk.
  • Please read and agree to the [ User Agreement ] before using our website.

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