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Motivation Generating Ear Cleaning Voice theta
Team Landsel
$3.80 / 432JPY
This girl from the demonic realm verbally abuses you in this ear cleaning voice drama, intended to motivate listeners. (CV: Nyappo)
Inc. VoiceTrial
MoeTsundereBinauralASMRAngel/DemonEar Cleaning
  • Release: May/05/2018
  • Purchased: 18x

It's really relaxing especially with the soft talking from the adorable voice from the va. I'm not into those abuse thing or how ever you called it but I do not mind it. The only downside is that the volume of asmr is a bit low even with a volume booster you can barely hear and I also wished that it was a bit longer so I can enjoy it more or longer. I hope they can fix the volume issue in a update if that is done then there is no complain further.

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