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A strategy game with some mysteries to discover.


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Exclusive English Ver.
DB - Can't Beat Red Ribbon Army
$8.64 / 972JPY
This is a simulation game of the parody of DR*GON BALL. The enemy is the Red Ribbon Army. Please look!
Inc. Music
  • Release: Feb/04/2017
  • Purchased: 2x

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A take on the famous game B*kosuka Wars. You move from east to west in a semi turn-based fashion, growing your team and power level by searching for hidden items.

You lose if G*ku or B*lma are defeated. Patience and caution are required to keep the defenseless B*lma out of harm's way. Luck is a factor in keeping G*ku alive, as there's always some random element to the battles. Each party member you find has their own advice to give and a special ability to discover. There are several boss characters along the way; some puzzle solving is required to reveal each one.

Honestly, this was one of my favorite games from 2017. The process of figuring everything out and ultimately beating the game was a lot of fun. There are no continues, so a game over means a complete restart every time. My full run (after several failed attempts) took a little over an hour.

The music is good, the sound is "nostalgic." If you've got the patience for some trial and error I think you'll find this is a rewarding game.

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