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Pickup!Great buy!


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Til Jul. 25, noon (JST)
Fireworks With First Love Girlfriend [Ear Cleaning] [Fall Asleep]
$8.72 / 972 JPY  >> $6.97 20% OFF  / 777 JPY
A pleasant audio date on a festival night with your childhood friend Natsumi.
VoiceWAVInc. VoiceTrial
  • Release: Jul/21/2016
  • Purchased: 42x
  • (19)

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I was expecting to blow out my ears with the fireworks sfx, but I was surprised by the quality of this work. The fireworks sfx are at a level where they are very enjoyable. They sound pretty awesome. The mimigaki portion is really enjoyable too. A good addition to any mimigaki collection.

The real dealmaker for this buy is the voice actress. By far of all the audio merch I buy Asami Yui has to be my favorite. The VA is the one who voiced most of Tomimi Retreat works so that added on to the reason I bought this. She has a soothing and amiable voice that makes the whole package really worth it.

This is my first buy from this group and I am really happy with it. If you like ASMRs and mimigaki I suggest buying this!

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Pickup!Good Deal! Great Content!


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Til Jul. 25, noon (JST)
The Rest House -Gojitsuya-
Tomimi Retreat
$2.90 / 324 JPY  >> $2.32 20% OFF  / 259 JPY
Ear cleaning, meals and other relaxing holiday events with Hinata ~ CV: Yui Asami
VoiceMP3Inc. VoiceTrial
  • Release: Nov/23/2016
  • Purchased: 85x
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I usually don't like ASMRs because when I use them to sleep they are too loud to the point where the character voice is too low but the background sounds hurt. This one is perfect, especially the mimigaki track. Boy am I picky with my mimigaki. Most of what I have listened to in other mimigaki ASMRs are scratching wood on wood sounds which hurts my ears. This one's pretty soothing and the voice is very enjoyable. Not to mention it's only $3. That's a steal for near 3 hours of content. This is a good one to pick up. Heck, I suggest getting all the items under this group. All their stuff is pretty neat and affordable so supporting them means more stuff in the future!

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