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Interesting backgrounds!


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Copyright-free background CG set - Inside Room
$14.09 / 1,512 JPY
A set of copyright-free material which can be used for game creation. You can modify and edit the CGs for your purpose.
SoftwareCG SetBMP
  • Release: Jun/20/2007
  • DL: 33
  • (12)

These are very good sprites! Theres some rooms and a bar, perfect for a detective or more adult historie. The backgrounds are very simple and clean, there isn't tons of details, but even so, they're amazing and very well done. They all have 4 variations what is amazing. There is the morning, evening, night with lights and night without lights, what can be used for some interesting scenario variations!

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amazing backgrounds!


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Adv Game Image Resource - Background Files for School
$27.17 / 2,916 JPY
46 school locations / backgrounds / scenery (181 total images!!)
  • Release: Jun/28/2015
  • DL: 31
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Amazing backgrounds for a school romcom visual novel. The art is beautiful and there's tons of variations. It says that is "school" backgrounds, but actually theres a lot more content like a small shop, roads and gardens. It's all 1280x720 with at least 3 variations, morning, sunset and night. Very high quality paintings with a lot of details that provides an amazing feeling. I totally recommend these backgrounds!

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