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Pickup!Excelent tool for drawing


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Loli Loli Digital Dessan Doll
$8.88 / 972 JPY
3D polygon models of lolita figure(s) for manga. FBX, C2FR format
SoftwareUtilityEtc File3DCG
  • Release: Jul/07/2013
  • DL: 10

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This tool contains 6 dolls of different heights, from a toddler to a preteen kid.

You can set their pose, or pick a default pose included in this package.

You need the program PoseStudio (available for free in the japanese page) to run this dolls. Then you can change the light direction, the camera angle, etc.

Very useful if you are planning to draw kids, either male or female.

I recommend you to purchase the adult male and adult female dolls, and also the pack of poses.

If you draw human bodies, this tool is absolutely necessary, recommended!

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Pickup!Relaxing and soothing


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Good night darling*
Atelier Honey*
$4.93 / 540 JPY
Soothing bedtime audio. Natsuki Nogami lulls your body and heart to a deep, relaxing sleep.
SoftwareVoiceMP3Inc. VoiceTrial
  • Release: Jul/27/2012
  • DL: 35
  • (20)

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A great nightime audio bundle that include bed down themes, breathing excercises to help you slow down, and a (little) more lively waking up theme for the mornings.

Voice: beautiful, soft and calm; not high pitched, not too low, just perfect.

Audio: perfect quality for the ones who apreciate a high definition noiseless audio.

Excelent price: low average price for an above average product

Breathing action: a 15 minutes theme of Natsuki Nogami slow paced breathing sound that put you easily in the mood of sleeping

Good also for waking up in the morning: you can actually use the last track as clock alarm; you don't need to know japanese to understand that you should wake up!

Recomended :)

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