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The Rest House
Tomimi Retreat
$1.96 / 216 JPY
Enjoy your holiday. ASMR massage, meals, bathing, ear cleaning, etc. with Yui Asami. 130 minutes
VoiceMP3Inc. VoiceTrial
  • Release: Apr/28/2015
  • DL: 106
  • (42)

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First work from Tomimi Retreat that I've bought and I love it. The premise that you take a vacation in the country side. You agree to spend an entire day with Azuchi Hina (played by Yui Asami) at a rest house run by her and her sister.

It's a relaxing work. Though a bit dramatic at the end. Asami-san has a light and friendly voice. She brings cute breaths and heartwarming laughs. You simply spend the day walking, eating, napping and bathing together. She's a little playful as well. This is the first time I've had shoulder massage from a voice work and hey, it worked as well as a voice work could give you a shoulder massage. There are sound effects used to add a little more flavor. And damn does it taste good.

Overall, excellent product for the price.

I recommend some basic knowledge of Japanese to properly enjoy it. Headphones are a must. Listen to it as a treat to yourself during a time to relax.

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