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Pickup!Gorgeous Set


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Copyright free background CG collections "Fantasy Town"
$30.59 / 3,240 JPY | 300pt (10% back)
Copyright-free art for games, manga, illustrations, flyers, websites, etc.
SoftwareCG SetBMP
  • Release: Aug/23/2016
  • DL: 12

Gorgeous and underrated. Extremely worth it. Please make more fantasy sets! I would buy them in a heartbeat!!

There's an ample amount of backgrounds with customizations. The color theme is A++ and delicious. I would've loved to see the village without NPC Characters on it but it's OK.

There's an Oregon Trail kind of background, an Athenian bathhouse, Pretty castles and hallways Jail cells, a battlefield with dead people, etc. The only thing it lacks are shops and it's a bit of a problem if you have those. I really hope the author decides to do more!

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Pickup!Very well done!


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English Ver.
Fantasy game icons pack Vol.1
Mori no oku no kakurezato
$61.18 / 6,480 JPY | 600pt (10% back)
256x256 size High detailed icons! 1036 icons in total (392 unique icons + color variations + pattern difference icons)!
SoftwareImage MaterialPNGTrial
  • Release: May/07/2015
  • DL: 24
  • (9)

This pack reminds me a lot of the GUST games, Atelier or Mana Khemia Series. Which is perfect because it is pretty much the type of game I always wanted to make!

To put it in perspective there's at least 242 armors, usually with 3-4 variants each. 107 weapons with 2-4 variants each. There's at least 491 'materials' to enable 'crafting' in your game. On top of that, there's at least 74 UI-related icons from status effects, buffs, debuffs and even elements!

PSDs are also included for a quick recoloring or edit to retrofit to your games.

Overall, it's amazing and I recommend purchasing it. The price is definitely worth it.

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Pickup!Great Material!


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Game Maker Icons Pack: Armor & Gear
$12.23 / 1,296 JPY | 120pt (10% back)
A collection of 24x24 size pixel icons.
  • Release: Jun/16/2015
  • DL: 12
  • (5)

Keywords the reviewer selected :

Great Material for RPGs and the like.

Has a lot of diversity that I can use for most situations.

For those who are curious about the pack contents, there's around 479 icons. And instead of doing recolors, the artist is kind enough to make them stand out from each other. These subtle details are very much appreciated!

Easy to imitate if I need to add more variations or recolors. Thank you very much for the cool material!

If there is going to be a Part 2, glasses would be an awesome add-on.

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Pickup!Great Set!


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Zensuke Izumodera's Brush Preset
$37.73 / 3,996 JPY | 370pt (10% back)
You can use a brush preset for Photoshop created by Zensuke Izumodera.
SoftwareUtilityEtc FileTrial
  • Release: Sep/09/2009
  • DL: 6

If you want to draw backgrounds then this is the set for you. It has video tutorials on how to set up the brushes for drawing, alongside some pdfs for those who can read Japanese.

It's an older set that could benefit with an update to Photoshop CS6 or CC standards. But it provides you the raw images it used for the ABR files so you can convert them yourself. Pick this up~

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Pickup!Well written compositions!


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[Royalty Free] Orchestra for RPG - Sound Material Collection vol.1 - HOME
Hobby Atelier Carrot Wine
$7.13 / 756 JPY | 70pt (10% back)
Contains 11 classic tracks which can be used for creating RPG. (themes: village, heroine, town, etc. )
SoftwareMusicMP3Inc. MusicTrial
  • Release: Nov/12/2006
  • DL: 10
  • (5)

I was sold by the trial samples in the description and I have to say that these are really well composed! For those who are curious, here are track types you can get from this piece:

1 Title Song
1 Opening Song
2 Church Themes
2 Character Themes (for Heroines)
1 Elegy Song
4 Town Themes

The title song fits a lot and reminds me of le olde JRPG songs which is a plus! The opening song reminds me of those prologue/intro songs you hear in games before the adventure starts. It can also pass as an ending song or even a drama climax song. It's versatile enough.

The Character themes are the best songs out of this pack hands down. My only gripe is the Church 1 theme had really "meh" choir samples. But the 2nd Church Song is great and reminds me of DQ dungeon boss songs.

The Town themes are great and reminds me of Dragon Quest and Gust music on some areas. Town 3 is probably my favorite out of the set. Town 4 is a snowy village type of song, just stating that if you are looking for one.

Overall, aside from my gripes with Church 1 track, I recommend this piece.

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Pickup!Great reference!


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Comic Material Selection YouLuck Vol.4 Venezia+alpha
$26.51 / 2,808 JPY | 260pt (10% back)
Diverse manga materials for free use in your projects.
  • Release: Dec/22/2010
  • DL: 1

Keywords the reviewer selected :

The materials presented in this pack are great references for someone like me. Someone who always wanted to create a Venetian-like setting. This also serves as a great practice material for creating dot/pixel art. It also helps hone your lineart and coloring works for doujin games.

Thank you for this! I highly recommend it especially when source materials for this type of setting is extremely rare.

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