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Pickup!Fun Megaman Like Game


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Legions of robots are trampling our peaceful kingdom! A (currently) 6-stage Early Access 2D platformer with a kemono otoko no ko protag.
ActionEXEInc. MusicTrial
  • Release: Oct/12/2014
  • DL: 345
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This game is an action platformer that reminds me of the megaman/zero/zx games.
Each character comes with her own set of moves as well as your choice of three different special attacks. As you earn money by defeating enemies, you can visit the towns on the map and purchase items as well as new skills (such as blocking, counter, doublejump, etc).
What's interesting about this game is that at the end of every normal stage, there will be a "enemy rush" section, where you're in a small confined part of the screen and you have to kill all of the enemies before the stage gets cleared. Some of these have actually been rather challenging, and makes the game more fun in my opinion.

There are some things I would like to point out as disappointments though. For one, you can't seem to edit the screen size. The other, and perhaps more frustrating thing about this game is that the controls aren't very responsive, often causing you to get hit by enemies even though you're telling your character to jump.

All in all though, for something under a dollar, this game is great fun and should be a definite get if you like action platformers.

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